For some of us, trends are key to a seasonal “refresh,” a way to add a new spin to our look.  For others, it’s just the opposite: It’s all too overwhelming;  It’s for younger/older/skinnier/other women, not me; it’s too expensive; it’s another way to get us to click “Buy Now.”

You are in Control

However you think about trends, remember this: you are in control, at command central of your style. You can pay attention, or not, adopt one or more, or none at all. It’s your choice. That’s especially important to remember because fashion is one thing and style is another. Fashion can be bought, while style comes from who you are and how you choose to express yourself. In other words, please don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by fashion’s mercurial trends. Instead,

  • Be curious
  • Take a look
  • Decide what you will try out or adopt

What’s Trending for Fall

Here are just ten of the many fall 2019 trends that are garnering attention:

  • Capes
  • Belts cinched over everything
  • Patchwork quilting
  • Plaid and houndstooth
  • Asymmetrical necklines
  • Lugg-soled boots
  • Square-toed shoes
  • Itty-bitty handbags
  • Feathers
  • Pistachio Green

Lean into your own style and the silhouettes you prefer to determine which trends you might consider.  For me, that leaning -in translates into wearing more belts and asymmetrical necklines. Both allow me to express my style. As for the feathers? I’ll be gifting!

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