Artistically-rendered “Drapey vest”: Consignment, Litchfield County, CT

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.”

Surely Elizabeth Barrett Browning wasn’t talking about consignment shopping – or anything even remotely similar – when she penned those oft-quoted words. But for me, they absolutely apply. Here are a few key reasons:

  1. Consignment shopping is a visual adventure. Unlike shopping in a flagship mall store or a cool boutique, variety abounds. While merchandise is organized, there are no “collections” per se, so it is all about the magic of discovery. You never know what you will find that will make your heart swoon.
  2. Consignment shopping is a savings strategy. Purchasing beautiful, useful clothes and accessories at a great price simply makes sense. Why squander your hard-earned money? Love the significant savings!
  3. Consignment shopping is the ultimate repurposing strategy. You know what they say about one woman’s “junk” being another woman’s treasure? A beautiful item finds love again, the second time around. I rest my case.
  4. Consignment shopping supports your local economy. Many brick and mortar shops are owned and operated by the women in your community. When we support their entrepreneurial endeavors, our dollars speak the language of “You go girl!” as well as our words. If that aint love….
  5. Consignment shopping encourages reciprocity. Saving the best news for last: You are not stuck with your mistakes. You can leave your misguided or simply ill-suited loves and pick up new ones that are better suited to your current tastes and preferences. Double the love!

Stay tuned for future postings on consignment strategies and tips!

2 thoughts on “My Love Affair with Consignment Shopping

  1. Loved the analysis of consignment shopping!

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