Sunday Morning Book Club Brunch: Fruit festooned with backyard mint in a consignment shop bowl.

Turn your eye to the physical world and the beauty will find you. Let it. Embrace it. Wild flowers picked on an early morning walk – the essence of serendipity. Bring them into your home and thereby, into your heart. Allow for the unexpected, because when you do, you open yourself to the wonder that is both around and within you.

People often ask: “How did you put that outfit together?” Sometimes, the answer is as simple as “I looked around.” That sounds a little crazy, but it means that while I know my style and have my wardrobe “together,” I don’t express myself “formulaically.” I allow myself to be receptive, curious, and inspired.

When I found this small ode to fall at the supermarket, I placed it in a pot I already owned and took in the colors.

Then I donned a gifted ring (Thanks, BFF!) and this cool African bracelet. Style does indeed come from within and takes its cues from the natural harmonies and cacophonies that surround us.

I discovered this cute little guy in my yard one late spring morning and attempted to cajole him into staying. He had other plans, but his beauty lives on in my heart and in my style inspiration. Did someone say animal print? Count me in!

One thought on “Life’s Visual Feast

  1. Lovely, lovely, always have a well groomed finger on the best stuff!

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