Deep Purple. Is there any color more sultry and majestic? Lilac and lavender are “fine,” but a rich royal purple…mmmm, now you’ve got me. My passion well known, I have been gifted with many purple items over the years: most memorably, a purple wand when I became an HR Manager. That symbol of magic disappeared mysteriously from my office at some point, never to be seen again. And of course, the purple crystal shell my team presented me with when, several years later, I left to pursue a new opportunity. I keep it, and many fond memories of that time, close to my heart.

Inspired by my purple manicure, I decided to build an outfit around my favorite color and immediately grabbed my eggplant purple, leather Milly jacket. The lining is to- die- for and sports just a touch of whimsical pattern.

Here’s how it came together:

As for the white jeans – perfect in every season. Here’s another view:

And without the jacket, the cashmere chartreuse Rochas sweater adds a pop of color that really rocks:

Styling Tips

  1. Identify a starting point. It could be a color, a cool pair of booties, or an accessory. In this case, the manicure.
  2. Establish your foundation. Today it was the white jeans, the black tank and the black suede booties.
  3. Get creative. I didn’t want a matchy-matchy monochromatic look. I was going for the classic black and white contrast, accentuated by the touches of purple: the manicure, a vintage ring, and a cool scarf, and yes, that jacket.

Next time, I may just go for that monochromatic vibe by wearing a short black dress, black tights, black booties and the purple jacket…

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