I am back in the late 80’s and can see in my mind’s eye the world as I had constructed it then. I zero in on a single, profound memory: I am walking toward my white Toyota Tercel in my professional pumps, my relatively “big hair” and my serious, proud, burgundy briefcase. It was a workday like many before and thousands that would follow.

Except that it wasn’t. For where I was on my journey to self -awareness and self- creation, it was a game-changer.

Walking the winding path to my car, something caught my eye, a shade of green that made my heart stop for a nano-second. You know it; we all do: spring green in all of of its luscious glory, proclaiming “Here I am.” It caught me so much by surprise that I stopped, looked up, and took it all in. The curvy street was lined with maple after maple, a delightful dogwood here and there. Above me, a lacy canopy of green that had completely escaped my attention seemed to whisper “Wake up!”

Getting into my car, I thought Where have I been? The question was loaded and I wasn’t yet ready to take it on. On my short drive to the office, my awe slowly faded as I considered the challenges, the To Do’s, and the plan for the day…and the evening, as I either took a class or sold Mary Kay at house parties after hours.

Where have you been? It’s a soul-prompt I have revisited again and again. Over time, I made that journey down and eventually reclaimed that fanciful girl-child who was fascinated with flowers, birds, turtles and all manner of mysterious, beautiful things. These many years later, as her unburdened, joyful heart beats within, I never, ever, miss spring green.

In the spirit of not missing any wondrous thing, here’s my “summer to fall transition” – a wardrobe of another sort!

5 thoughts on “Where Have You Been?

  1. We all have periods in our life where we question “where have I been?” Life challenges us continuously to slow things down…and not miss the beauty and miracles that exist among us.


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