Ready for Girls’ Night Out

In the Southeast, autumn eventually makes its presence known, typically in November. Thank you, thank you, Mama Earth! Time to transition the hearth and dress for a “Friday Fire Pit”Girls’ Night Out. This time, I’ve donned my Jill Sander chocolate brown sweater, my Marc Jacobs boots in the same color, and a couple of accessories that pull this outfit together, notably, a lace-embellished camisole that peeks out from the sweater and an awesome statement necklace found at a local consignment store.

An emerging painting

My husband’s work-in-progress, “Desert Rose,” makes a fitting backdrop as I strike a familiar pose. Look closely and you will see a younger me in a framed photo on the bookcase.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, chocolate brown is my go-to color.

I plan to wear this lively, retro-esque Tina Turk dress with the very same boots, along with my “all vintage” accessories: a gold Davis & White snake bracelet, buttery, canary-yellow gloves, a gifted peacock necklace, and gold dangly earrings. That’s Miss Noelle looking on.

For a dressier holiday party, you may find me in this look:

Same boots, same bracelet and earrings, but this time, with a gorgeous Antonio Melani satin dress that sports a necklace neckline that is to-die-for.

Style Notes

Who says that working off of one color needs to be boring or redundant? If you are traveling this holiday, or simply want to keep things simple, start with a specific base color (brown, black, gray, navy, blue, red…even purple. Oh how I love to work with purple!) and keep these tips in mind:

  • Select a pair of shoes or boots in your base color.
  • Add a sweater, dress, blouse or jacket in the same color. Then play with what you have to pull together the rest of your outfits.
  • Add jewelry accessories in either all gold or all silver and wear these with each outfit. You might throw in an outlier – such as the statement necklace I wore with the jeans- to mix things up just a bit.
  • Allow for some serendipity. The canary-yellow gloves were intended for the multi-color dress but work just as well with the other two outfit combinations.
  • Play with your lip color. Here I am wearing a deep, seasonal shade, “Dead Roses” by Anastasia. If it feels like “too much,” add a thin swipe of soft mauve from your summer collection on top to create a custom color.

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