A Brilliant Sky

Stark tree limbs, black lace fluttering against a magnificent orange sky. The contrast of stillness and force takes my breath away.

This angel has graced my life since 1992, when my sister gave it to me as a December wedding present. She has endured four moves over time and at some point, lost one of her wings. While we have attempted to reattach it numerous times, it simply won’t adhere. In truth, I prefer her this way, with one wing. She reminds me of our own strong, luminous, and yet-imperfect nature.

Speechless Magnificence

Enchantment is everywhere this season, but none is so moving as that which graces our own home.

Christmas “Gardening”

My faux greenery festooned with silk roses “converse” with my blooming houseplant.

Over the years, those dear to me have gifted many a peacock, my favorite bird.


This sweet angel face has been with my husband since his childhood. She is a reminder that we don’t have to carry with us every last sentimental item; sometimes one symbolic beauty will do…

Fanciful Cherub

One year, I bought this angel for my sister, my sister-in-law, and for myself. Every awesome woman can use a fanciful cherub in her life.

From my home to yours, Happy December and Merry Christmas!

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